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Welcome to Kefir Kommunity! This is your one-stop-shop for nutrition news from around the blogosphere. If it’s got to do with kefir or probiotics, chances are, it’s here. But you’ll also find cutting edge information, articles and links to stories about all things health – from workout trends to cool food science research, delicious recipe suggestions to expert Q & As. We love to share our passion for what we do with the best customers in the world, while offering you exclusive info on special events, deals, promotions and all sorts of other happenings at Lifeway HQ and beyond. We encourage  you to tap into the power of Kefir Kommunity’s blog by reaching out to us or fellow kefir fans with comments or questions. So make yourself at home, pull up a chair and stay a while. We promise to treat you right. 
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New Years Resolutions? Get Real!


Posted in [General Health], [Weight] By LifeWayKefir LifeWayKefir
12/2/2009 1:13 PM 

“I’m going to ditch my muffin top.”

“No more cancer sticks for me!”

“2010 will be the year I stop being such a lazy Blackberry-addicted couch potato.”

New Years resolutions like these are a dime-a-dozen and typically get kicked to the curb – many within just 48 hours of 2010, according to a recent study. Screaming to your girlfriends, “THIS is the year I’m going to find a husband, have a baby, get a promotion, lose 26 pounds and find a cure for cancer” over the nightclub blare of Auld Lang Syne may seem realistic at the time, but after the champagne wears off, you’ll realize that you’re chasing after the impossible. Why not start the year off right with more achievable, realistic goals? Wanna shed some pounds? We applaud the effort. Trying to reduce stress in your life? We need to do that, too. These goals are absolutely doable, it’s just a matter of going about it in a smart manner.

We think Lifeway kefir can help. Check out the ways kefir can help you check off your 2010 New Years resolutions, one step at a time.

1) OK, yes, you can lose weight: In 2003, a major study out of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, linked dietary calcium with weight loss, prompting women and men everywhere to increase their dairy intake and sparking a slew of milk mustache ads. But milk isn’t the only dairy product that can help you shed pounds.

“What I really like about kefir as opposed to other dairy products is that it’s got it all – calcium, whey protein, which has been shown to stimulate a hormone which suppresses appetite, and it has the fermented aspect,” says American Dietetic Association national spokesperson Dave Grotto, RD, President of Chicago-based Nutrition Housecall, LLC, and author of 101 Foods that Could Save Your Life (Bantam Dell, Fall 2007). Grotto mentioned that research has shown that the more yogurt one consumes, the lower their body fat; the same principle can be applied to kefir. Try a couple of 8-oz. servings of low-fat kefir a day.

2) Join the superfruit craze: The exotic pomegranate, filled with hundreds of ruby red juicy gems, is jam-packed with antioxidants, which prevent unstable molecules known as free radicals from wreaking havoc on the body. Lifeway Foods offers low-fat Pomegranate Kefir, sweetened with organic cane juice, and the subtle fruity flavor has made it a hit amongst consumers. Try some yourself and keep the fridge stocked so friends and family can enjoy as well. It even makes a fun, creative, non-alcoholic treat at parties, served in a chilled martini glass and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds.

3) Eat bacteria for breakfast: This is actually the name of a book written by Kelly Dowhower Karpa, PhD, RPh, assistant professor in the department of pharmacology at Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine (Eat Bacteria for Breakfast, Trafford Publishing, 2002). When Dr. Karpa’s son was faced with a life-threatening gastrointestinal infection years ago, the family found relief in probiotics. Now, “We start every morning off with yogurt,” she says, though they add in additional probiotics, either in capsule or powder form. But, she adds, “If you are inclined, yogurt or kefir are great sources of probiotics.”

4) Avoid food outbreaks like the plague: Friendly bacteria, like those found in kefir, will keep your intestinal tract healthy and thus more resistant to picking up GI illnesses, Dr. Karpa explains. “It will put you on the right track to protecting you from all those e. coli outbreaks out there.”

5) Kid around: Let your kids have fun with kefir by treating them to Lifeway Probugs™, our line of creamy, organic whole milk kefir with fun characters and flavors that will appeal to even the most finicky of eaters. With a no-spill spout and easy-to-grip package, Probugs™ are great for tiny hands and even better for growing bodies. High in bone-building calcium and energy-sustaining protein, kefir contains 10 live and active cultures (friendly bacteria) that help little bellies stay calm and developing immune systems healthy. Plus, kids love the funny names and goofy characters, Orange Creamy Crawler and Sublime Slime Lime.

6) Relax: Kefir contains tryptophan, an amino acid that helps the body relax (think of the feeling you get after eating a big Thanksgiving dinner…that fatigue is from the turkey, which is rich in the same amino acid.) Next time you feel stress coming on, drink a glass of kefir and let nature run its calming course.




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