Third Quarter 2014 Earnings Conference Call.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

 It’s a small world.  And we like to think we’re all connected.  At Lifeway Foods, we’re not afraid to say that we occasionally think small.  In fact, we’re proud of it.

By small, we mean local.  As in local farmers and suppliers, whom we like to support in a big way.  It helps the communities where we do business.  But it’s also win-win for us, because it allows us to use the freshest ingredients in our Lifeway Kefir products. Lifeway Kefir is all about live and active cultures, so the less time in getting Lifeway Kefir on the shelf means a fresher product for you.  Lifeway Foods has recently committed to offering our Organic Kefir at a variety of Chicago farmer’s markets in 2009.

The world gets even smaller when it comes to the environment. So we’re committed to doing all we can, and doing it right now. Buying local leads to less packaging being used and fewer miles being traveled.  And Lifeway Foods puts our money where our products are.  Most of our packaging and production materials are either biodegradable or recyclable.  We also buy renewable energy credits to offset the electricity used in our production facilities; our credits are equivalent to planting 335 acres of trees.  And at our headquarters, even our office furniture is recyclable.



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